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Marla Skye has been creating art since childhood. Influenced by her family's creativity she aspired to be an artist at a young age. Her late Father a member of the Onondaga Nation was a skilled woodcarver and artist. Marla works in several different art forms including painting, silversmithing, beading and woodcarving. She enjoys creativity and is likely to have various projects of different mediums going on at the same time in her studio.

Marla Skye is a 1997 Graduate of The Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with a degree in Two Dimensional Arts. She describes her time at IAIA as one of the best learning experiences of her life. Over the years she has studied in workshop situations with well known artists including Lawrence Saufkie and Michael Kabotie. She occasionally instructs small workshops for children. The classes have an emphasis on Native American Arts and Crafts along with an educational lesson.

Marla's work depicts a variety of themes. Animals and nature are prevalent subjects, as well as the traditional stories of the Haudenosaunee such as the Three Sisters: Corn, Beans and Squash. "My ideas come from my heritage and from the spirit of creativity that the Creator has blessed me with." Marla is an International Artist and enjoys sharing her heritage by displaying her artwork at Native American Art Shows and Festivals, Galleries and teaching children. "I think that if you have been blessed with a gift that it is important to use it and also to share it with others."

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